Looking back years from now, how might you describe your story of success to the next generation?


What do you most want to achieve with your money?

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What matters most to you?

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So far, how have you planned to meet your objectives?

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Do you want to change your lifestyle?

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What keeps you up at night when it comes to money?

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How might you first change the way you live if money allowed?

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Your Summit Story
My Summit Story

Here’s how my story started:

When it came to money, I always wanted [answer-1]. I mostly wanted to focus my life around [answer-2]. At the time, [answer-3] when it came to a long-term financial strategy to meet my objectives. When it came to my lifestyle, [answer-4]. But I was always [answer-5]. I knew that I wanted to [answer-6], but I hadn’t taken that step.

I’m glad I finally decided to write my Summit story.

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