What Summit Stands For

We are advisor-led and understand firsthand what you need to deliver an elevated client experience. We help you to chart your own course for success, not control your business.

A Message From Our CEO, Stan Gregor

The Importance of Partnerships, Relationships, Independent Advice and Holistic Planning.

Thank you for considering Summit as you evaluate your wealth management relationship. We recognize that you are embarking on an important life decision and appreciate that you have many options available. We will do everything we can to help you with your choice. 

Over the past few years, we have seen unprecedented geopolitical and economic events that have led to a notable increase in market volatility and for many, a reassessment of life goals, objectives and in turn, financial plans.  Concurrently, science and technology have enhanced the quality of life and extended life expectancy.  Throughout these uncertain times, the need for a trusted financial advisor has become abundantly clear.  Whether you are a client with that need for a trusted advisor, or you are a trusted advisor who your clients turn to in uncertain times, it is imperative that you partner with a firm that delivers an optimal client experience.

When our advisors founded this firm through its predecessors, nearly forty years ago, they understood the benefits of independence.  The lack of the prestige of the big brand name was outweighed by the value of serving as a true fiduciary in an open architecture platform with firm decisions made by the advisors with the client interests top of mind.  Equally unique was our founding based on financial planning rather than complex investment portfolios and vehicles.

Today, we have built upon those founding principles and enhanced our platform with expanded in-house resources and support and cutting-edge technology to create an environment that empowers, enables, and enriches our advisors so they can spend their time building and enhancing client relationships.  This all-inclusive platform of fully integrated industry-leading services, thought leaders, and innovative technology is what we call SummitVantageTM.

Our recent partnership with Merchant Investment Management is another way we extended our offerings for advisors, and in turn clients. Merchant provides Summit advisors with new level of institutional backing, expertise, resources, and global access to meet our sophisticated and unique client needs.

I take great pride in the culture of collaboration that we have created, always striving to expand upon our founding principles of holistic financial planning, open architecture access, objective advice, and above all, always centered on the concerns, ambitions, and dreams of our clients.  I am proud to say Summit Financial is positioned for success on all fronts.

We look forward to speaking with you further so we can partner and elevate your wealth management experience together.

The Summit Difference

With a 40-year history empowering successful advisory practices, we understand what it takes for financial advisors to thrive. That is why we built SummitVantageTM.

SummitVantageTM is an all-inclusive platform of fully integrated services, thought leaders, and innovative technology that makes delivering elevated advice nearly frictionlessSummitVantageTM goes far beyond financial planning to provide top-tier infrastructure, including compliance, operations, advisor development, marketing, human resources, and finance to streamline and minimize the pressures of running a business so you can focus on your clients.

Professional Strategy Team

Our Professional Strategy Team is an in-house, institutional-caliber brain trust of tax, estate, insurance and financial planning experts aligned as an extension of your team.

Our History:

Legacy of Success

Merchant Investment Management

Further Enhancing Our Capabilities

Part of our commitment to impactful innovation is identifying business opportunities that we can leverage to remain on the forefront of products and services for advisors and clients.

Our strategic partnership with Merchant Investment Management provides a new level of institutional backing, expertise, resources and global access to support Summit advisors from growth to succession and monetization.

Our Community

Collegial. Collaborative. Committed.

We are a network of elite, high-performing advisors with a drive to succeed. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and client-first, planning-based ethos rooted in thoughtful, deliberate consultation.

We are a community of advisors supporting one another. We believe in the dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices, always delving deeper to elevate the client experience.