Creating Value for Your Business

As a successful advisor, you are inevitably juggling competing priorities and increasing demands on your time.

You value your independence and want to maintain ownership and control of your business but recognize the value of a strong partner to help you get to the next level. The question is who to turn to elevate your practice and partner for the long term.

Partnership for Growth

At Summit, your challenges are our solutions.

We are here to help you reach peak performance across all aspects of your business – outsourcing low-return activities, increasing profitability, keeping pace with ever-changing regulatory requirements and new technologies, establishing a succession plan or a combination of all these and more.

We have a proven legacy of success cultivated over four decades by delivering a fully integrated platform that includes access to comprehensive solutions, advanced tools and technologies, top-tier partners and resources, and full support of our Professional Strategy Team.

Guided Independence on Your Terms

Your Future. Your Choice.

Summit offers independence tailored to your needs, including three ways to align with Summit.

1. Summit Growth Partners

A differentiated partnership opportunity1 that aligns the interests of advisors and Summit through access to strategic capital, business consultation and growth resources, including access to SummitVantageTM. Learn More

  • Simple and transparent structure aligned with your goals
  • Upfront cash payment with equity ownership stake
  • Broad range of benefits, resources and solutions to enhance enterprise value
  • Access to growth and acquisition capital
  • Direct access to consult, collaborate and strategize with senior management and industry experts at Summit and Merchant Investment Management

2. Affiliate Advisor

Scale up with sophisticated services and resources to create strong, long-term legacies and better serve your clients.

  • Advisor retains 100% ownership stake in their practice
  • Highly competitive affiliate payout
  • Access to SummitVantageTM

3. Existing Teaming Model

Join one of our industry-leading teams and leverage an existing footprint.

  • Partner with a team to streamline business, maximize growth, and serve your clients better
  • Full access to SummitVantageTM
  • Hands-on process, content, operations and personnel support
  • Options for pre-defined succession & monetization

Your Partner, Every Step of the Way

Our ecosystem of full services and support help you streamline and minimize the pressures of running a business and elevate your firm for long-term growth. In addition, we help you gain the efficiencies and time you need to build lasting client relationships and increase enterprise value. Discover our fully integrated advisor platform, SummitVantageTM.


Empowering advisors to structure their firm, optimize operations and service clients


Providing consulting and technology solutions to pursue organic and inorganic growth


Focusing on P&L optimization, succession planning, strategic capital and investment banking

No matter where you are in your firm’s development, Summit stands alongside you.