Greg Nardolillo

Founder and Family Wealth Advisor of WealthPlan Advantage
Address: 191 Washington Street Morristown, NJ 07960

Greg Nardolillo is Founder and Family Wealth Advisor at WealthPlan Advantage. Greg and the WealthPlan Advantage team joined Summit Financial in August 2022.

Greg is a holistic financial planner with over 30 years of experience helping successful families address their most complex financial goals and develop customized strategies to organize, structure and protect their hard-earned their wealth. His core areas of concentration include financial security, retirement income, and the tax-advantaged transition of wealth.

Greg founded WealthPlan Advantage in 1995 as a goal-focused and planning-driven advisory firm committed to empowering clients across every aspect of wealth management, including investment management, estate planning, business succession planning, corporate stock option planning, insurance, retirement planning, and charitable planning.

He works with clients personally to understand their unique needs and provide a customized game plan aimed at pursuing their goals. Whether it is the sale of a private business, the liquidation of appreciated real estate, or simply a review of existing assets, Greg listens to clients and coaches them through a goal-focused and planning-driven financial plan.

Greg received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College where his studies included English literature, economics, political science and history. Greg also earned a football scholarship to Boston College and graduated in 1989. After graduation, Greg continued his advanced studies in the Master of Arts program concentrating in Industrial Psychology.

Greg enjoys family, sports, golf, and travel and currently resides in historic Morristown, New Jersey with his wife, Sherry, and his three children Gregory, Leo and Vivian.