The competition to attract or acquire leading advisors or advisory firms is fierce.  Whether you are a top advisor choosing your best path to independence or an established RIA looking to monetize all or part of your business, there are companies waiting with big checks, and very often, equity. The idea of equity can be very enticing.  We are in one of the fastest growing segments of the wealth management industry and owning a piece of that through equity participation could mean significant wealth creation in the future. However, with so much interest and new deal structures emerging left and right, it’s important to carefully evaluate your options. When considering whether to take equity as part of the deal, there are five factors to consider.


April 18, 2024

Addition of integrated, alternative investment solutions to help advisors attract and retain high-net-worth clients, further strengthening their competitive edge

February 5, 2024

We’re excited to announce the addition of Garrett, Perkins & Horton Advisory Partners and Brad Werner & Company to our...

January 18, 2024

Baltimore County-based $300 million multi-family office joins Summit Financial to utilize its scale, resources, and integrated technology platform